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My goal is to provide you with audio recording samples of how the various groups sound. But there are two built-in problems with audio recordings on the internet. (1.) The creator of the website does not know which browser you might use to access the page and also (2.) does not know what type of audio reproduction you might use.

In the first case, the browsers ‘Internet Explorer’, ‘Chrome’, and ‘Safari’ will read and play back mp3 audio files. The browsers ‘Firefox’, ‘Chrome’ and ‘Opera’ will read and play back OGG audio files.
This issue has been resolved on my website with special code on the audio list pages, and by putting MP3 and OGG versions of each audio recording on the website. Your browser should be able to find a compression version which is compatible.

In the second case, we are trying to get 2 or more EQ versions of each audio recording up on the page so you can select the version which will sound best on your device. For instance if you which to use your smart-phone speakers or inexpensive ear-buds to listen, select that recording. If you have headphones that cost over $100 or good speakers in your home entertainment system, try the other audio file.

You may click the link below to go to a page offering audio demo recordings:
Audio Recording Demos for Irish jigs, Reels, songs:
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Audio Recording Demos for classical and Pop music – string quartet, string trio, piano trio, guitar and violin, two violins:
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